Guiding Principles

Our success as a company is rooted in our strict adherence to these guiding principles:

•  Practice honesty, integrity and fairness in everything we do. We are only as reliable as our word. To compromise that would be to forfeit the work that has gone into making our name trustworthy. We will always strive to practice honesty, integrity and fairness, in any and all matters.
•  Assure every customer receives value, quality and satisfaction. Each of our customers is our most important one. Recognizing them as individuals with specific needs, we will endeavor to exceed expectations by providing maximum service in every aspect of each operation.
•  Create an environment in which our employees can succeed. Each associate is recognized as a valuable part of our operation, and all are compensated based upon individual performance, as well as the opportunity to participate in a profit-sharing program.
•  Return to the community a share of the success we experience. We are successful today because of the community's faith in our service and our name. We will therefore faithfully return support to our community through charitable contributions to various organizations and funds.
•  Consistently promote these Christian principles through our behavior.
Guiding Principles Ethics and Values. Do the Right Thing. Good Versus Bad.